Monday, August 10, 2009


Last weekend we traveled to Jaco and Playa Hermosa on the Central Pacific Coast. We went to the ISA World Games which is one of the biggest international surf tournaments in the world! The very quaint beach town was packed with people from all over the world and there were very few English speaking people. It was really cool to see each countries pride during the tournament. When a team member was competing, the rest of the surfers gathered around their country flag at the water’s edge and cheered and chanted until the round was over. The weekend was really relaxing and we spent most of our time lounging on the beach or laying in hammocks tied between palm trees. Pura Vida!

Brit and Caitlin with some Australian surfer who was muy guapo!

After a long, wild bus ride home to Cartago that consisted of a very car sick Caitlin and Brit sitting next to a very creepy man who found it appropriate to smoke two joints out the window of the bus during the ride, we readjusted and began our third week at work. On Wednesday we had another exciting excursion. This week we explored the Arosi Valley which is home to many coffee and plantain plantations and the oldest church in Costa Rica. After Brit’s epic picture on the river rocks from last week’s excursion, Caitlin decided it was her turn. We spotted an enormous, picturesque rainforest tree that was screaming “Climb me Caitlin!” After getting to a great spot for a photo that was about 10 feet up. Caitlin found out she was covered in biting ants. Panic stricken, she tries to climb down, slips and falls out of the tree and landed straight on her butt with her legs in the lake. Have no fear. WE GOT THE PICTURE!

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